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Accelerated Success Conditioning!

Affirmations For Universe

My existence is important to the Universe.
I am the center of my Universe.
The Universe loves me and I love the Universe.
The Universe supports me in all of my endeavors.
I am loved by the Universe.
It's cool to be loved by the Universe.
Every day I do a cosmic dance with the Universe.
I effectively communicate with the Universe today.
I trust the Universe to always guide me.
I'm as good and deserving as anyone in the Universe.
I communicate with the Universe very clearly.
My thoughts and actions can help the Universe.
I give the Universe an embrace within this moment.
I live in a Universe that supports all that I do.
I accept energy from the Universe now in this moment.
My existence is needed by the Universe.
I join humanity in blowing a kiss to the Universe.
To experience the Universe I need to give it a chance.
The Universe opens its arms to protect and love me.
My positive energy is good for the Universe.
I release any limiting beliefs to the Universe now.
I let the Universe take care of me.
I get in touch with the Universe within me.
I allow the Universe to guide my actions.
I release my anger to the Universe to be transformed.
I join the Universe in praying for all children in gangs.
My soul dances with the Universe today.
I always receive excellent guidance from the Universe.
When I increase my self-worth the Universe benefits.
I'm the most important person in my Universe.
I unfold the beauty of who I am onto the Universe.
I’m beginning to understand life’s mysteries now.
I feel compassion towards the Universe.
I am at one with the Universe.
I choose to be open to guidance from the Universe.
I release all emotions to the Universe.
I breathe in positive energy from the Universe.
I'm comfortable within the Universe.
I relax and let the Universe take over.
I applaud the Universe.
I have faith in the Universe.
I have power over my individual Universe.
I accept love from the Universe.
I'm an asset to the Universe and I remember that today.
My love puts energizing power into the Universe.
Blessings pour from the Creator to the entire Universe.
I'm generous and the Universe is generous to me.
I let the Universe take over and gently guide me.
I choose to send the Universe love and acceptance.
The Universe trusts me and I trust the Universe.
I flamboyantly declare my love to the Universe today.
I learn more about the meaning of the Universe today.
Today I'm clear in my requests to the Universe.
I stand ready to accept anything from the Universe.
I have the unlimited power of the Universe within me.
I am nourished by the Universe.
I choose to extend nourishment to others.

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